Mental Mind Games
Written by Andrew Meyer
c how stupid we must be for being such an amateur. They remember us next time we’re in the gym and they think, “Oh boy, what’s this idiot going to do today”.

We all think these things…

And we all know that they aren’t true of course.

The problem is that we have a running narrative in our minds about what others must be thinking about us. Here is an example I've heard many times....

"If I go to the gym, people will glare at me because of my weight". So the goal is to lose weight, but you can't find the courage to join a gym because you're fearful of other people's opinions. 

You end up caring more about people's would be thoughts than about your own meaningful goals.

Doesn't this sound like a vicious cycle filled with self loathing and envy?

The Solution:

Change your narrative and practice positive self talk. Thinking that people around us think negatively is part of a negative self-talk. Change the self-talk, and you’ll change your feelings towards yourself.

Now I’m not saying you should repeat, “I’m the best" or "People love me" or "I am a just like Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones who thrives on her subjects worship and fear." 

Positive self-talk is not bragging or boasting to yourself!

Positive self-talk is reminding yourself of the wins you’ve achieved lately. It's about revisiting the BIG GOAL and the positivity that comes from it. 

Here's an example dialog...

"If I lose weight I can play at the beach with my kids!" 
"By going to the gym today, I will be able to play with my kids tomorrow"
"I made it to the gym for all of my workouts this week and it wasn't bad at all...In fact, I feel better for having done it!" 

Keep the focus on deserve it! 
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Step One: Catch yourself the next time you fall into negative self-talk. This may be easier said than done, but if you can catch yourself in the act, you have the power to change your perspective.

Step Two: Change the narrative to a positive. Think about a challenge you’ve overcome and remind yourself that it took guts to get where you are.

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Andrew Meyer

Andrew put himself through University working as a Personal Trainer. The combination of his Human Nutrition Background and +11 years in the industry has given him opportunities in the Health & Fitness industry that very few can match.
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