Break Up With Yourself
Written by Andrew Meyer
Let’s be honest, you tried to make this work. You put in a lot of effort and stuck with it.....through good times and bad. You've made it this far, through the thick and thin, but the time has come.....

Breakup with your old self!

Your old self isn’t a bad person. You’ve just grown apart lately, and it’s time to face the facts…it’s just not working anymore.

When we change our lifestyle habits, we change parts of ourselves that we might’ve seen as our identity in the past. Maybe to your friends you’ve always been the guy who can shock them every time they dare you to finish the meals they can’t, even after you’re full from your own. Maybe you’ve always been the girl who looks at her feet in the weight room, never daring to lift a weight heavy enough that you might have to ask for a spot.

Your old self isn’t a bad person, it’s time to make a change. This is not just a change in your lifestyle, but to your identity.

No longer will you be the manager who skips lunch to answer emails…even if those emails REALLY need responses. 

No longer will you be the mom who forgets to drink water during a day of child wrangling.

Your old self isn’t a bad person. They served a purpose, and now it’s time to move on to something better. 

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About Author: 
Andrew Meyer

Andrew put himself through University working as a Personal Trainer. The combination of his Human Nutrition Background and +11 years in the industry has given him opportunities in the Health & Fitness industry that very few can match.
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