Stress causing you to overeat?
Written by Andrew Meyer
You can regain control of your body. You can overcome emotional eating issues. You can have the body you’ve been chasing.

So what’s going?

For most people a major volume of their stress comes from the needs of others which leads to the neglect of one’s own desires.

And of course, after months or years of neglecting your desires you slowly begin to notice:
  • Jeans that used to fit… feel a little tighter
  •  Sugar cravings are much stronger
  •  Gym appointments are postponed more and more
  •  A periodic lust for junk food
  •  The bathroom mirror and scale are avoided
  •  The stress of dieting starts up again
Here’s what you need to ask yourself…
A) Do you have a “complicated” relationship with food?
B) Do you have a difficult time staying consistent with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits?
Almost everyone uses food as a reward. And you know what? 
You deserve a reward!

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You work hard and don’t have time for a break, but reward sure makes it worth it. The problem isn’t the reward system; it’s what we are choosing to reward ourselves with. 
Work on establishing a different reward system and try to start viewing food for what it really is… just food. Start by breaking down your day and look for “things” you appreciate. 
  • An evening walk with your spouse
  •  Doing you nails 
  •  A cup of gourmet tea
  •  Playing outside with your children
  •  Reading a novel
  •  Going for an even run with the dog
Andrew Walking Dogs
These are all “things” you do FOR YOU. They help you distress and unwind. It’s important to see the value of simple items, and when you do, you will start to view them as rewards. 

Now, staying CONSISTENT with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits?
This is simple, but that doesn’t mean it not HARD! 
The number one reason people cannot remain consistent is ACCOUNTABILITY!

There are a few tricks here that make a big difference...
  •  Look at your schedule at pick a time fits and stick to it. Don’t reschedule it, because that the problem. Choose a time that actually fits. This means that the likely hood of something else popping-up is extremely rare. For a lot of people, this becomes an early morning routine. 
  •  Tracking how you’re doing is MEGA POWERFUL! This can be as simple as putting a check mark on the calendar. Visually seeing how you are doing real puts it into perspective. 
  •  Consider hiring a professional. Here is a big truth that many people don’t realize, most serious personal trainers and coaches use a personal trainer or coach! They too are people who live busy lives and sometimes need the accountability. 
Okay, great....But where do I go from here?
Well first, do you have a “complicated” relationship with food?
Break the chain and take notice of what’s really bringing you joy in your life. 
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Second, do you have a difficult time staying consistent with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits?
Be honest with yourself if you can make this work on your own using the tips provided. If you can’t, that’s total fine because neither can most fitness professional. Consider hiring someone to help. 
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About Author: 
Andrew Meyer

Andrew put himself through University working as a Personal Trainer. The combination of his Human Nutrition Background and +11 years in the industry has given him opportunities in the Health & Fitness industry that very few can match.
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