Don’t “should” all over yourself.
Written by Andrew Meyer
Some weeks, you just feel a little displaced or lost.

We often have this awe-inspiring view of how things relating to our health and fitness “ought to be” and well, it’s pretty natural to come up short and feel a tad bit of disappointed afterwards.

We're often much happier and enthusiastic about the idea or vision of something rather than the actual follow through itself.

This is what we call a case of “The Shoulds”.

"Comparison is the thief of joy."
—Theodore Roosevelt

“The Shoulds” is a terrible condition that is masked by one’s misery and unhappiness. The symptoms include mental persecution and emotional agony….for example: 

  • I really think I need to start running… because that’s what “fit people” do.
  •  I think I should do a ketogenic diet…..because a sponsored Facebook Ad said that's what “fit people do”
  •  I think I should be leaner… even though I’ve made amazing progress… because that’s what “fit people” look like.
  •  I think I should do crossfit… because they’re all “super fit” 
The Shoulds is a terrible disorder that will tear you up on the inside - even more worse than your high school crush could have! 

The Shoulds will fill your heart with the sorrow of a thousand unfulfilled dreams.

The Shoulds will fill your head with the misery of your most shameful failures.

The Shoulds will make you sweat despair and reak of your inadequacies.

You self indulge in your grief, thinking that you are the only one who falls short of their ambitious fitness goals. The number you see on the scale day after day gives testament to your lack of initiative. 

I have good news and better news….Good news is that you’re totally normal! Better news is that there is a cure! 

Remember that “to compare is to despair”. Someone isn’t better than you because they appear to be fitter, leaner or more together than you.

Happiness isn’t a “if-then” statue….
  • “If I lose 20 pounds, then I will be happy”
  •  “If I have a perfect diet, then everything will fall into place.”
  •  “If my house always clean, then I could experience joy” 
Don’t let The Shoulds rob you of your life, your time and your ambitious spirit!

There is a cure: 

I Could...I can...I will

“The Shoulds” are similar to alcoholism….A disease that takes conscious choice to overcome. 

Remember the power to choices gives you the power to change! 

There are three steps that you need to follow: 

1) Replace “Should” with “COULD”. Think of the full spectrum of options that are available to you. And remember these are options….no guilt necessary. 
   - I could run 
   - I could walk more
   - I could workout at home
   - I could join a gym

2) Think of where you are right now and what you CAN realistically do….
   - I can run… on the weekends
   - I can walk… on my lunches
   - I can’t workout at home, my kids are distracting
   - I can join a gym, they have a daycare

3) Now that you’ve listed things that you can do, be honest and determine what you WILL do…

   - I can run… on the weekends, but my weekends are always jammed
   - I WILL walk… on my lunches!
   - I can’t workout at home, my kids are distracting
   - I WILL join a gym, they have a daycare

After you complete steps one through three and you begin moving forward, remember to check in with yourself daily and remember you live in the REAL WORLD. 

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About Author: 
Andrew Meyer

Andrew put himself through University working as a Personal Trainer. The combination of his Human Nutrition Background and +11 years in the industry has given him opportunities in the Health & Fitness industry that very few can match.
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